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DIVO Token provides access to a wide range of blockchain-based services adjusted to real business needs of the global fashion industry worth USD 2.7 trill.

DIVO Smart Contracts

One of the central business challenges in the fashion industry today is the long chain of middleman and lack of transparency. This leads to mutual distrust in the market, destroying career opportunity and preventing the industry from developing. DIVO utilizes leading technologies such as smart contracts, face recognition, and blockchain to overcome these problems.

DIVO has developed the DIVO-AUSC software that allows every user to build 100% secure cooperation on the Ethereum network and make transactions based on ERC20 standard. With the help of DIVO-AUSC brands, content creators, models, and communities can collaborate through smart contracts without any need for technical knowledge.

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DIVO AUSC allows users to create wallets, and immediately transfer DIVO Tokens by merely filling online forms.

DIVO –AUSC enables to reduce costs to the end-users and to increase income to the brands, performers, and influencers. Low transaction costs, absolute trust between the different parties – these advantages will encourage the fashion community to explore DIVO.

Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is a crucial technology for registration and identity verification on the DIVO Platform. The technology guarantees a 100% unique match between the digital ID and the real user. This will make each operation on DIVO Platform personalized and secured.
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Face Recognition allows DIVO to create a Database of Verified Professionals and automate casting, booking, and scouting procedures.

All data about the models, new faces, etc. are secured on the blockchain, allowing them to take ownership of their professional data and select the potential viewers to get access to their contacts.

The DIVO Token

DIVO Token will give access to the next smart services of the DIVO Platform:

  • Automated Smart Contracts  using the DIVO – AUSC platformdivo image
  • Face Recognition Search Engine
  • Access to Database of Verified Professionals

DIVO AUSC will extend the functionality of the DIVO Web App, with more innovative b2b tools for agencies, advertisers, brands, and models around the world.

The full set of DIVO Platform services will create an opportunity for the DIVO community to simplify communications, automate business processes, reduce costs and transfer business and financial relations into a reliable ecosystem based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Use Cases

1) DIVO’s face recognition allows verified user (VU) to instantly find an image from the database of verified participants (VP) such as models and new faces;

2) DIVO – AUSC service allows to:

  • VU can create a wallet for a VP
  • Transfer crypto assets and tokens to the VP’s wallet

The creators of DIVO Platform offer the community to test DIVO – AUSC:

Step 1: Create a wallet at DIVO – AUSC

Step 2: Join DIVO’s telegram group

Step 3: Find and report about bugs, problems, and system errors

Step 4: Get 1000 DIVO tokens to a wallet created in the DIVO – AUSC

How the DIVO Token holders benefit?

DIVO Platform will generate a fundamental value to the DIVO Token by leveraging a network effect of the growing community. DIVO Tokens that will be received as a payment for subscribing to the DIVO Smart Package will be withdrawn from the circulation and burned.

Accumulating a broad user-base of models and fashion professionals will allow adding various services to the monetization portfolio of the DIVO Platform.

The size of the user-base and large-scale community will make the DIVO platform a unique product that will be used by a broad audience. According to the project’s development forecast by 2022, the DIVO Network community will count over 22,000 models and more than 40,000 fashion industry professionals with the average audience coverage more than 350 million people.

User base organic growth will enable DIVO to launch DIVO Network and will comprise 5–10% from the total audience coverage by DIVO’s core professional community. According to Divo estimations, the number of users to join DIVO Network will be around 30 000 000 people.

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